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If you are looking for just basic guidance, all the way up to Yield monitoring, Planter controls and monitoring, Down Force monitoring and control, hybrid loging, variety tracking, assisted or fully integrated steering we have an option to fit your operation.


Advanced Seed Tube Monitoring

Detailed Planter Performance Information such as:

Singulation, Spacing, Skips and Doubles as well as row by row logged diagnostic detail and virtual seed trench. 


This Assisted Steering system can be used on many different platforms to provide a good entry level affordable system that can be easily transferred from tractor to combine, to sprayer, then back to a different tractor.  Can be used with most GPS recievers on the martket.



Fully Integrated Hydraulic steering system with 2 GPS receivers for High speed and Low speed steering systems.  Can be used on WAAS, Omnistar, or RTK, with Glonass.



Upgradeable, GPS Reciever and Controller can be used with Ontrac2+ assisted steering, or fully integrated steering systems from can based to full hydraulic steering platform kits.


Hybrid Logging & Variety Tracking

Log hybrids when you plant them then get instant in combine variety yield totals while harvesting. 

Hydraulic Down Force Control

Monitor and Control Down Force on the go.

Sure Stop Clutch

The most dependable chain drive clutch on the market.  Maintenance free.