Press Release

Precision Ag Visions focuses on high-tech electronics for farming

ROCHESTER – Precision Ag Visions LLC, a new agriculture company that specializes in selling and servicing high-technology farm equipment and consulting, has opened for business. The Rochester-based owner is Justin Fleck, who comes from a Central Illinois family farming background and has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of high-tech farm equipment.  “We provide top-of-the-line GPS guidance and variable rate controls for sprayers, spreaders and planters,” Fleck said, explaining that the technology equipment can be used with any brand of farm equipment. “Our goal is to help farmers reduce costs, time and stress and, in turn, increase their profits.”

Among the products the company offers in addition to the GPS
guidance systems are:

  • Ag leader technologies, including advanced seed monitoring and automatic section controls to reduce over-application of seed,fertilizer and chemicals, yield monitoring, tiling controls, spatial-based desktop software to analyze and create drainage designs, and prescription applications;
  • Precision Planting provides after-market improvements to most of the planters commonly used in the Corn Belt, as well as planter monitoring and planter control systems for those planters;
  • Martin Till Planter attachments, including row cleaners, closing systems and liquid fertilizer application for planters;
  • Liebrecht and Soil Max tile plows, ditchers and tile carts;
  • Complete service for any brand of technology,including John Deere, CNH, AGCO, Trimble and Raven; 
  • Software and mapping consulting for most brands of controllers and monitors.

Fleck can be reached at (217) 899-9482 or by email at The Precision Ag Visions website is

Used Equipment

Currently We have:

EZ Guide Plus and EZ Steer with tilt compensation, keypad and 05 bracket.  $2500

Used EZ Steer for EZ guide 500.  can also be used with a CFX750.  $2250

2 Used FMX's Both WAAS Units, one has VRT Unlocked.  $3,000 & $3350